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  Hubei Tiandi environmental protection science and technology limited company is located in the national first-class industrial base of machine. Company has international and domestic advanced production equipment and precision test equipment, for research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of high quality and reliable environmental clean up equipment have laid a solid foundation. Company is engaged in the professional cleaning equipment manufacturers, China's largest electric Sweeper, washing machine research and development, production, sales and service, Sweeper, Sweeper, Sweeper automatically, driver Sweeper, automatic floor machines, sweeping machines manufacturers, Sweeper manufacturer of modern enterprises. As one of the most influential suppliers of cleaning solutions, morality has always been committed to cleaning equipment and technology research and development and innovation, to address and applicable to municipal environmental sanitation, parks, squares, universities, residential property, such as indoor and outdoor venues for cleaning, cleaning problems changing ... ...
       as many of the world famous transnational corporations, Composed ideals and moral development of science and technology is a hard process. In the pursuit of success in the implementation of the "attract, nurture talent, make good use of talent, good talent," human resources policy, create a free communication, mutual respect and work environment of mutual trust.
       company since its inception, always adhere to the "character of virtue, virtue, tangible products, technology," business philosophy, to provide users with excellent after-sales service. Always improve product reliability, stability, advance as their goal.
       hope you in every moral environmental protection science and technology in the process, can feel the boundless enthusiasm and untiring efforts of virtue ... ...